The sun shone brightly on the white ochre pit on the ancestral land of Lyndsay and Tereasa’s grand mother. They chatted, and bent down to the earth, enjoying the sounds of the spring water under their feet. A beautiful shiny rock caught Lyndsay’s attention. “Should I take it home?” she asked. “Sure, why not, if it is calling to come with you..,” replied Tereasa.

The rock fell back into the water, and as it sunk, Lyndsay got the idea to offer something as beautiful as the rock to the people. “We should make some art..” she countered, as her and Tereasa and another cousin wandered back to the lunch spot, high on the hill over the creek.

“You’re right, we should,” Tereasa said, somewhat flippantly.

The idea stuck. For Tereasa, the 3 hour car ride home to Sydney from Braidwood was filled with nothing but ideas for art. Performance, music, costumes. The land, the stories, the connection and the culture provided immense inspiration, energy and motivation.

That next week, the cousins spoke to Emily to bring her into this newly formed circle of creativity.

From there, these women have grown together, learning and energizing community as they learn.

It’s not just about art, but about providing nourishment to people. Through art comes satisfaction, pride, and cultural knowledge. Through knowledge comes understanding of self. Which is why for every new skill learned, these three women have included other women, or children, who might not have had the opportunity to learn these skills.

As we walk into the sun, we want others to walk with us. We want cultural knowledge to grow, and with it, the pride of the people.